The First 200 Entries for POSTMARKED 2009!

Here are the first 200 entries for POSTMARKED 2009! Below each image is the artist name and location if these appear on the envelope -- otherwise Anonymous. Information on submitting work "Call for Mail Art" for the event is below this blog entry. Scroll on down...............
200. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
199. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA 198. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA 197. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA 196. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA 195. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA
194. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA 193. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
192. David Roberts, Sacramento CA 191. David Roberts, Sacramento CA 190. David Roberts, Sacramento CA
189. Trevor McCracken, West Covina CA
188. Alison Fleming, Claremont CA
187. Alison Fleming, Claremont CA
186. Nancy Clark, Upland CA
185. Jazmin Macias, West Covina CA
184. Joanne Mora, West Covina CA
183. Ryan Mendoza, West Covina CA
182. Althea Clark, Upand CA
181. Althea Clark, Upand CA
180. Althea Clark, Upand CA
179. Althea Clark, Upand CA
178. Althea Clark, Upand CA
177. Althea Clark, Upand CA
176. Althea Clark, Upand CA
175. Althea Clark, Upand CA
174. Althea Clark, Upand CA
173. Althea Clark, Upand CA
172. Althea Clark, Upand CA
171. Chris Villanueva
170. Vianca Venezuela, West Covina CA
169. Vianca Venezuela, West Covina CA
168. Brent Leopold, Camp Hill PA
167. Anonymous, Chino Hills CA 166. Anonymous, Claremont, CA 165. Anonymous, Claremont, CA 164. Gretchen Butler, Cazadero, CA 163. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
162. Joe Messinger, Claremont CA
161. Francine Oller, Santa Monica CA
160. Francine Oller, Santa Monica CA
159. Francine Oller, Santa Monica CA
158. Nancy Clark, Upland CA
157. Nancy Clark, Upland CA
156. Nancy Clark, Upland CA
155. Patricia Evans, Claremont, CA
154. Patricia Evans, Claremont, CA
153. Patricia Evans, Claremont, CA
152. Michelle Spromberg, Upland CA
151. Ryan Terrazino, West Covina, CA
150. Ryan Terrazino, West Covina, CA
149. Anonymous, City of Industry, CA
148. Anonymous, City of Industry, CA
147. Anonymous, City of Industry, CA
146. Anonymous, City of Industry, CA
145. Anonymous, City of Industry, CA
144. Dorothy Casas, Upland CA
143. Jazmin Macias, West Covina CA
142. Gregory Lifflick, Industry CA
141. Rebecca Sinkula, Palm Springs, CA
140. Vincent Corriere, Mandelieu, France 139. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
138. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
137. La Sister, San Bernardino CA
136. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
135. Albertina Johanesdotter, Claremont CA 134. Victor Valenzuela, West Covina CA
133. Gwen Smith, Claremont CA
132. Fuller, Claremont CA 131. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL

130. Tamayo the Cat, Claremont CA 129. Cash Youngblood, West Covina, CA 128. Eftersaunders, UPPSALA 127. Alison Fleming, Claremont CA 126. A Jacobson, Claremont CA

125. M. Sanders, Claremont CA 124. M. Sanders, Claremont CA
123. Karrie O'Neal, West Covina CA
122. M. Sanders, Claremont CA 121. M. Sanders, Claremont CA
120. Mary Sanchez, Rancho Cucamonga CA
119. Michael Miles, Pomona CA
118. Alvena Pattberg, Claremont CA 117. Robert Bustamante, Chino CA 116. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA
115. HF, Claremont CA 114. HF, Claremont CA
113. HF, Claremont CA
112. HF, Claremont CA
111. HF, Claremont CA
110. Valeria Luna West Covina, CA
109. Alexis Castillo, West Covina CA
108. Givanti Catapal
107. Givanti Chatapal, West Covina CA
106. Givanti Chatapal, West Covina CA
105. Givanti Chatapal, West Covina CA
104. Sumi, Claremont CA 103. Robert Bustamante, Chino CA 102. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA 101. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA 100. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA
99. Robert Bustamante, Chino CA
98. Tanner Maloncon, Calpiatria, CA
97. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA
96. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL 95. Jennifer Zoellner, St Petersburg FL (art on reverse)
94. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL 93. Anonymous, San Bernardino, CA
92. Deb Douglas, San Bernardino, CA
91. Anonymous, Tallahasee, FL
90. Ryan Terrazino, West Covina, CA
89. Valeria Luna, West Covina, CA
88. Valeria Luna, West Covina, CA
87. Valeria Luna, West Covina, CA
86. Richard Canard, Carbondale, IL
85. D. McGoon, Claremont CA
84. Mike Severin, La Verne, CA 83. Mike Severin, La Verne, CA
82. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
81. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
80. Helen Feller, Claremont CA
79. Helen Feller, Claremont CA
78. Helen Feller, Claremont CA
77. Helen Feller, Claremont CA
76. Helen Feller, Claremont CA
75. Tony Herrera, West Covina CA
74. Seth Pringle, Claremont CA 73. Claudia Pearce, Claremont CA 72. Sylvia Megerdichian, Upland CA 71. Margaret Woodruff, Claremont CA 70. Margaret Woodruff, Claremont CA
69. Susan Faye, Willamina OR 68. Rachel McDonnell, Thoreau Bookshop, Claremont CA 67. Fabio Sassi, B0logna, Italy
66. Jan Wheatcroft, Uema Japan 65. Jan Wheatcroft, Uema Japan
64. Ryosuke Cohen, Osaka Japan
63. K Karlson, Pasadena CA
62. Gerson San Juan, Claremont CA
61. Gerson San Juan, Claremont CA
60. Gerson San Juan, Claremont CA
59. Karen Chu, Pasadena CA
58. Louise Cengua, Tokyo, Japan
57. Dawn Mudore Freeport IL56. Ryan Seal, Freeport IL 55. Laurie Bloom, Freeport IL 54. Laurie Bloom, Freeport IL
53. Katie Selke, Claremont CA
52. Anonymous, Mt. Baldy CA
51. Anonymous, Mt Baldy CA
50. Grandma Bee, Anaheim CA 49. Janet Marano, Reston VA 48. Wendell Gladstone, Los Angeles CA
47. Pat Evans, Claremont CA 46. Pat Evans, Claremont CA 45. Pat Evans, Claremont CA
44. Karen Karlsson, Pomona CA 43. Karen Karlsson, Pomona CA
42. Fablo Sassi, Bologna Italy
(This is our 2009 Poster Image!)
41. Grasiela Rodriguez, CA
40. Matthew, CA
39. Joanna Woodward, CA
38. Joanna Woodward, CA 37. Fabio Sassi, Bologna Italy 36. Judith Mangiameli, Long Beach Ca 35. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA 34. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA 33. Leila Pagel, Los Angeles CA 32. Kim Kimerling, Rio Rancho NM 31. Kacey Mudore, Freeport IL 30. Kacey Mudore, Freeport IL
29. Laurie Bloom, Freeport IL
28. Laurie Bloom, Freeport IL
27. Dawn Mudore, Freeport IL
26. Dawn Mudore, Freeport IL
25. Ryan Seal, Freeport IL 24. Ryan Seal, Freeport IL 23. Ryan Seal, Freeport IL
22. Ryan Seal, Freeport IL
21. Ryan Seal, Freeport IL
20. Pat Evans, Claremont CA
19. Pat Evans, Claremont CA
18. Pat Evans, Claremont CA 17. Pat Evans, Claremont CA
16. J Woodward, CA
15. Marcus Pagel, Los Angeles CA
14. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
13. Jarmo Sermila, Finland
12. Sherman Seltzer, New Market AL
11. R.F., Canada
10. Sylvia Megerdichian, Upland CA
9. Zona Sage, Oakland CA
8. Kim Kimerling, Rio Rancho NM
7. John Held Jr/Netlandia, San Francisco CA 6. Leila Pagel, Los Angeles CA 5. Dr. Toast, West Lafayette IN 4. JAS, Claremont CA 3. D Williams, Claremont CA #1 2. D Williams, Claremont CA #2 1. D Williams, Claremont CA #3
, Wes

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  1. Hello my name is ryan terrazino i have three envelopes posted up i wish who ever biught my envelope please email me and if any one else whats to email me thats find my email is