Postmarked 2009: The Exhibition

Wed June 3:We have now been promised obver $1000 in bids...over 50 bidders, and at least a fourth of he envelopes have bids on them -many have multiple bids. Thank you!
June 1: Postmarked 2009 officially opens!
Today we had approximately 45 visitors, some of whom are mail artists who contributed to the exhibition. We have registered 15 bidders, who placed 120 bids on 83 entries,
promising over $400 total donations so far. This is an excellent start!
Today Postmarked 2009 is installed.
Thank you crew and artists: it is fabulous!
Let the bidding begin...
When we are are the hours and the view into the gallery.
Northwest corner, North walls with pedestals in the distance (closeups to follow)
South wall and southwest corner (closeups to follow)
Southeast corner (closeups to follow)
Here is the second shift: mail artists Grandma Peggy, Wes, and Aunt Robyn. Now we are finished installing and can pose for photos!
After the first crew left, I sat to finish off the last few envies and was delighted to find Wes, Grandma Peggy and Aunt Robyn at the gallery door, peeking in. Of course I put them right to work! Here are Aunt Robyn and I installing the Northeast wall.
Seth touch-up painted the peds for us while Pat and Mara continued on the North wall.
Seth joined us at noon,and helped me to figure out a strategy for where to place various groups of envies. Here he is working on the assortment from First Street Gallery, while Mara and Pat continue with the South wall. You can see stacks of mail still on the table.
We use staples to hang the art, except for some fatter pieces that require pushpins or nails.
Then we hang bidsheets under each piece.
At 11, Pat arrived and we began trying to figure out the lazer level we had borrowed from CGU. We experimented with blue tape until we learned to use the level, which was better.
Mara arrived and got to work right away.
I went in at 10:30 to sort envies, and Tony had already cleared the room for us.
Soon, Helen and Dawn arrived with 15 pedestals.

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  1. Anne, A stunning collection, so varied and lively. Wishing the project great success...I bet all the art looks even better full-size and in person. Marylinn