Postmarked Curator Talk and Gallery Tour: June 3, 2009

Tonight I gave a talk on mail art history, citing information gleaned from resources over the last 2 years of Postmarked. Thank goodness mail artists have written it down -- Anna Banana, Matty J, John Held Jr, Chuck Welch, Michael Thompson and Michael de Luna, Ruud Jansen, and so many more...It made for an interesting evening for the audience, most of whom had not known about the rich history of mail art, and Fluxus. It was fun to point out Postmarekd entries that illustrated the various kinds of idealogies and approaches to mail art -- the textual pieces, the fluxus pieces, and the series pieces ,and the interractive ones
Many people placed bids after the lecture and asked lots of questons about individual pieces and artists.
Anyway , here is a self-indulgent photo of me preparing for the evening at the gallery....

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