Notes and Thank -Yous, June 11 is almost completed...the mail art has almost all been distributed to the lucky high bidders, and almost all of the donations are in. I posted the mail artist portraits (in blog below reception photos), and welcome any additions you may have. We are all very pleased with the participation from friends and new friends all over the world. I did receive one more envelope today from France --will post next week into blog with the last entries. Any pieces that did not receive bids are available (for a requested donation) in the Claremont Forum's Thoreau Bookstore, next to the gallery. There are very few of these left now, as people are pleased to be able to have them. Thanks to you, the mail artists, the volunteers, and the bidders, the Prison Library Project has received over $3200 in donations from Postmarked 2009. If you wish to know more detail, please contact me directly -- happy to share info -- at this point, the total is not official, as there are still a few transactions not yet completed. I want to thank everyone. Really. Everyone. And people I have not mentioned in the blog for awhile -- like the Village Postmark in Claremont who donates good ole Box 303 every year AND takes extra care with our mail. Le Pain Quotidienne, Helen Feller, Mike Owens, Alison Fleming, Jan Wheatcroft, and numerous anonymous donors made our reception table full and yummy. Dawn Grimes lent us the pedestals, and Tony at the Claremont Forum's Thoreau Bookstore prepared the gallery for all Postmarked events. Numerous people took gallery sitting shifts (Nancy Clark, Peggy, Jan Wheatcroft, Rebecca Tice, Marielena, Mara Sanders, Helen Feller) and my de-install crew Pat Evans, Mara Sanders, Lucette Bourdin, and Jan Wheatcroft , was terrific -- their second year in a row. Yoshie Sakai , Jan Wheatcroft, and Marielena handled the Sunday sales tables - again, for the second year in a row. What a crew! Rachel McDonnell created our poster this year and I was able to place it on merchandise in Cafe Press. The Jazz Standards provided the music for the reception, inspiring some of the guests to dance. Thank you Rick Moore - you are wonderful to repair the gallery post-postmarked 2009! If I have left anyone out, please don't send me hate mail -- I appreciated everyone so much. This project is one I am passionate about. I enjoyed every day that mail came, and enjoyed every gallery visitor who came in, gawked about, asked questions ... I look forward to correspondence with any of you who wish to send mail art my way....and will reply to all. Cheers, cheers! Anne

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