Postmarked 2009 Winds Down for the Year

After the Onsite bidders pick up their mail art, we group the remaining pieces by bidder number (since many bidders buy more than one piece), and then package each group separately in baggies, along with their bidsheets. Then I go through each baggie, write up a total for the contents, and put the bidder's name on the receipt. I phone each bidder and ask them to retreive their purchase, distributing from my home for the first day (Monday Jun 8, from 8-8pm).
I took the remaining items to the Claremont Forum's Thoreau Bookstore today (Tuesday) for bidders to retreive there. I will hopefully get all mail art distributed by Friday, so will have a total to post for the amount raised for The Prison Library Project from sales and from extra donations to the exhibition that gallery guests gave to the event. Some out of town bidders have asked me to mail their purchase; I will do this, along with the online bidder purchases, this week. The photo below shows what I had over left after Monday's processing. Even Tamayo-the-Cat was exhausted -- but was very happy that his entry went to a lucky bidder in fierce competition! Some of the mail artists who came to the exhibition agreed to have their pictures taken for posting on the blog....I will be posting those soon! If I have left you out...send me a photo to post if you would like to. I was not able to catch every artist who was there...but am happy to post whatever you send. Thank you!

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