Postmarked 2009 Reception Photos June 5

June 5: Public Celebration Reception! We had many guests arrive for our reception, including several of the participating mail artists, ongoing Postmarked supporters, and others who saw this exhibit for the first time. "The Jazz Standards" played in the entry foyer, and the crowd enjoyed dancing and listening to their classsic jazz tunes. Pictures below are of the guests and the various antics... Captions are below each photo.
Reception flowers for the refreshments table, thanks to Mike Owens Entry into the Claremont Forum Community Gallery
A Happy Visitor Gives Two Thumbs Up
Mail Artist Helen Feller volunteered to assist at the reception desk. Here, she is giving out a bid number to a guest.
Harry Ragland of "The Jazz Standards"
A visitor locks in a bid
Mail Artist Wes Taylor tries on TWO of the Postmarked entries at once! (He claims they are a perfect fit)
Postmarked Curator Anne is busy adding new bid sheets as they fill up.
Mail Artist Peggy places a bid
A visitor places a bid.
Curator Anne calls Richard Canard, as instructed on one of his many entries. He received at least 3 phone calls this evening in response to his envelope asking guests to call him during the reception.
Guests caught in the act of calling Richard Canard.
Gallery visitors
Mail Artist Pat Evans visits the exhibit
Visitor reading the Postmarked 2009 Information Binder.
Mail Artist Sylvia Megerdichian (left) and friend study the entries.
Gallery visitors
Visitor in awe.
Gallery visitor
Mail Artist Mike Owens knows that mail art can be handled.
Gallery Visitors enjoy the view.
What the ...?
Gallery visitors.
Gallery visitor
Gallery Visitors
Mail artists Nancy Rutherford (left) and Joe Messinger (right) among the vistors.
Gallery Guests
Gallery visitor deciding on her bids.
Gallery guests
Gallery guests (includes Mail Artist Gwen Smith, right) socialize and peruse the Postmarked 2009 Information Binder.
Welcome to the Postmarked 2009 Public Reception! This is the entry foyer where the "The Jazz Standards" entertained.

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