Postmarked 2009 Mail Artists' Photos

Here are a few photos of the mail artists who contributed to this year's Postmarked. I only thought to do this about halfway through the week, so I did not ask every artist who came in to pose...I am happy to post any additional photos you may want to submit! Also, some of these were taken surreptitiously...if the artist objects, I will remove ....
Mail Artist Susan Brooks, with zebra art above
Mail Artist Flash with entries, top row Mail Artist Sylvia Megerdichian, left Mail Artists Mike Owens, Jan Wheatcroft, Anne Seltzer Mail Artist Wes Taylor
Mail Artist Pat Evans
Mail Artist Nancy Clark next to one of her entries that I didn't quite capture in this photo, darn it. Mail Artist Mike Severin with his entry, top left on pedestal
Mail Artist Peggy bidding on someone else's mail art
Mail Artist Mau Dux with pen and ink on cardboard entry on wall above pedestal
Mail Artists Mike Owens and Seth Pringle - not anywhere near their own mail art.
Mail Artist Marroquin with two pen and ink illustrated envelopes, left
Mail Artist Gwen Smith with Baby Shoe mail art entry
Mail Artist Francine Oller; art bottom row white envelopes
Mail Artist Elizabeth Rose with floral fan mail art, above
" Anonymous" Mail Artist with her skull mail art pieces

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